Mighty 6 Popper Selection

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Introducing the Mighty 6 Popper Selection – your ultimate all-in-one experience. This premium multipack is a comprehensive assembly of some of our finest products, packed to delight and enhance your sensory satisfaction. Whether you are a seasoned popper enthusiast or seeking new aromatic experiences, this diverse selection is sure to grace your moments with unique intensity and pleasure.

Made with high-quality ingredients, each bottle in our Mighty 6 Popper Selection offers a unique experience tailored to your preference. Known for their powerful and stimulating effects, these poppers will add an extra dimension to your recreational endeavours.

**Multpack Contains:**

  • X1 10ml Amyl: High-purity poppers with a lasting aroma, perfect for creating an exhilarating atmosphere.
  • X1 10ml Berlin XXX Hardcore: Known for its intense punch, this popper takes no half-measures in delivering a potent experience.
  • X1 10ml Pure Gold: Offering a smooth and rich aroma, Pure Gold poppers add a luxurious touch to your moments.
  • X1 10ml Blue Boy Black Label: A brand synonymous with quality, Blue Boy promises an exploratory journey into sensory delights.
  • X1 FF 10ml Poppers: Embodying strength and vibrancy, experience dynamic stimulation with every sniff.
  • X1 10ml TNT: Ignite your surroundings with the explosive and powerful effects of TNT poppers.

For maximum enjoyment and safety, follow the given instructions strictly. Steer clear of prolonged exposure and avoid consumption. Our products are intended solely for aroma purposes.

Mighty 6 Popper Selection. Enjoy responsibly.

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