SNFFR Double Black (Small Bottles)


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Snffr Double – Small Black – Suitable for most UK and USA small Bottles (not double scorpio)

Are you tired of weak aromas during your sessions? If so, then look no further than SNFFR Double – Small Black. Specifically designed for most UK and USA small bottles (excluding double scorpio), this product is ideal for bottles with a 2-2.2cm screw head.

Prepare to have your senses electrified as the effect is amplified many times over. The inhalation system receives a grandiose kick from the circulation of the aroma, resulting in an exhilarating experience. Rest assured, there will be no skin irritation or reddening of the nose.
This top-quality product is proudly 100% made in Austria, ensuring you won’t find any cheap imitations on certain platforms. Upgrade your aromatherapy sessions with SNFFR Small Black and unlock the full potential of your aromatic bliss.
At AromasUK, we offer a wide range of strong poppers, as well as other products such as lubes and accessories. We go above and beyond to cater to your needs and provide a shopping experience that surpasses the norm.
Trust us to take your popper experience to new heights, we are fast becoming the UK’s most loved popper store because we know what you guys need to deliver a spectacular explosion.


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