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Snffr Double – Large Black – Suitable for most 24ml bottles such as Amyl 24ml, Spunk 24ml.

  • Suitable for bottles with a 2.2cm screw head
  • The effect is amplified many times over
  • Suitable for bottles with a 2.2cm screw head
  • The inhalation system gets a grandiose kick from the circulation of the aroma many times over
  • No skin irritation or reddening of the nose
  • 100% Made in Austria (not a cheap copy like what you may find on some platforms)

Are you tired of weak aromas during your sessions? SNFFR Large Black is here to enhance your aromatherapy experience. With its powerful aroma circulation, you can expect extra intensity and refreshing aromatic bliss.

Say yes to SNFFR Large Black and upgrade your sniffing game. This enhanced aroma enhancer will unlock hidden aromas during your sessions. 

AromasUK stock a wide range of strong poppers, enhance your popper experience with our strong poppers lubes and accessories. We are more than just your average poppers shop.

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