SNFFR Solo Large (Red)


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Introducing the SNFFR Solo Large Red

Suitable for bottles with a 2.2cm screw head

The SNFFR Solo Large is a revolutionary device that changes the way you sniff aromas. With its protected 3-hole system, the device takes sniffing to a whole new level and ensures that you experience a truly contact-free aromatic adventure. By securely screwing the device onto the aroma container, you can amplify the aroma’s effect and enjoy it multiplied several times over.

Traditional methods of sniffing can often lead to skin irritation or reddening of the nose. However, with the SNFFR Solo Large, you can indulge in your favorite aromas without any discomfort.

Rest assured, the SNFFR Solo Large is made in Austria with utmost precision and commitment to excellence. The SNFFR guarantees unparalleled quality and longevity, unlike cheap imitations from other countries.

The SNFFR Solo Large is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Simply twist it onto your respective aroma bottles with ease, and you are ready to indulge in your favorite aromas.

Please remember not to over twist, as it may cause damage to the device. 

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