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FAG Poppers Twin Pack (24ml per bottle)

Unlock double the pleasure with our FAG Poppers Twin Pack, featuring two 24ml bottles of pure excitement. This dynamic blend combines Amyl and Isopropyl Nitrite for a potent and exhilarating sensation that’s perfect for those who seek a strong and thrilling experience.

What Makes Our Twin Pack Special:

At the heart of this Twin Pack lies the exceptional potency of FAG Poppers. The combination of Amyl and Isopropyl Nitrite creates a unique formula that’s perfect for elevating your intimate moments or adding intensity to your recreational activities.

Key Features:

  • Double the Strength: With two 24ml bottles, this Twin Pack provides an extended journey of pure delight. Each bottle contains our strong blend of Amyl and Isopropyl Nitrite for a powerful and exhilarating sensation.
  • Quality Assurance: Our poppers are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring purity and potency in every bottle.
  • Easy-to-Use: FAG Poppers come in convenient and secure bottles, making them easy to carry and use whenever the mood strikes.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re looking to enhance intimate moments, intensify physical sensations, or simply explore new dimensions of pleasure, our Twin Pack of FAG Poppers is your ideal companion.


While FAG Poppers are designed for pleasure and enjoyment, it’s crucial to use them responsibly. Do not ingest or use in combination with other substances. Keep out of reach of children.

AroamsUK Strongest Poppers!

Weight 0.142 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.5 × 8.5 cm

Isopropyl / Propan-2-OL / Isoamyl / 1-Butanol, 3-Methyl
CAS : CAS 541-42-4 / CAS 67-63-0 / CAS 110-46-3 / CAS 123-51-3

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