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Unleash unforgettable sensations with Faust Poppers 10ml. This extra-strong formulation, enriched with Amyl Nitrite, promises an electrifying experience that will leave you craving more. Originating from the German term for “Fist,” Faust encapsulates the raw power of its namesake. Just as a fist clenches with strength, Faust 10ml poppers deliver a potent intensity that ignites your senses.

Indulge in a rush of arousal as you explore the depths of this pure Amyl Nitrite formula. Faust is not just a popper; it’s a journey into uncharted realms of pleasure. With Faust 10ml, every moment becomes a fervent exploration of your desires. Let go of inhibitions and embrace the intensity that only Faust can provide.

Embark on an experience that transcends the ordinary, an experience where inhibition meets liberation. Ignite your desires and embrace the power of Faust 10ml poppers. Your journey towards heightened pleasure begins here.

Faust Poppers, sure to help you take it deep!

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Pentyl, CAS : CAS 463-04-7

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