FF 24ml and Sneaker 24ml Poppers Twin Pack

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Unleash the thrill of your untamed desire with our limited-edition FF 24ml and Sneaker 24ml Poppers Twin Pack. Indulge in the potent blend of these two unique products, designed to heighten your sensual experiences.

The FF Room Odouriser, with its potent aroma, and Sneaker Poppers, known for its invigorating scent, work synergistically to awaken your deepest instincts. Ensured in travel-friendly 24ml opaque bottles, this Twin Pack is ready to accompany you in your every adventure. Dare to unleash your wild side with our Twin Pack Odourisers!


Designed for those who seek the extraordinary in every intimate moment. Grab your Twin Pack today for an unparalleled experience! #TwinPackOdourisers #HeightenSensuality

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