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For a satisfying journey with your poppers, proper storage is key. We advise storing poppers in a cool, dry place. As experienced users know, accidents can occur. To ensure utmost safety, we recommend using leak-proof and smell-proof bags, available for as little as 10p each.

Our leak-proof bags offer an extra layer of protection, guarding against mishaps and maintaining the potency of your poppers. Don’t take chances with your pleasure. Invest in the security of our bags and enjoy peace of mind.

Stay ahead of the game and keep your poppers safe. The small cost of prevention ensures your enjoyment remains uninterrupted. Choose safety, choose satisfaction – choose our leak-proof bags.

Size Guide

  • Small, recomended for X1 10ml, L=9cm H=12cm
  • Medium, recommended for up to 4 10ml or X2 24ml, L=11cm, H=15cm
  • Large, recommended for up to 8 10ml or X4 24ml, L=14cm, H=18cm
Poppers Storage Bags

Large – See Below Size Guide, Medium – – See Below Size Guide, Small – See Below Size Guide

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