Potent Blue Room Aroma with Power Pellet 22ml | 2 Pack

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Potent Blue Potent Room Odouriser with added power pellet for extra strength and boy these bad lads have some KICK!

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Potent Blue Room Aroma with Power Pellet 22ml | Enhance your sensory experience with Potent Blue Room Aroma.

This powerful 22ml blend features a unique Power Pellet for an intensified effect. Unleash the invigorating aroma and let it transport you to new heights of pleasure.

With its convenient 2-pack, you’ll have double the dose to enjoy prolonged sensations. Whether you’re exploring alone or with a partner, Potent Blue is designed to provide a stimulating and satisfying experience.

Embrace the potent energy and indulge in the ultimate sensory journey. Order your 2-pack of Potent Blue Room Aroma with Power Pellet today and unlock a world of intense pleasure.

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm

Contains: Isopropyl Nitrite CAS 541-42-4 (Inside is a metal power pellet, this is not an ingredient as such all this does is increase the aroma potency when shaken.)

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