Twin Pack Lubido Lube


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Twin Pack Lubido Lube – Contains a 250ml  Lubido Anal and 250ml Lubido water based Lube

Twin-Thrill experience with Lubido 250ml Water Based Lube and Lubido Anal 250ml Paraben Free Lubricant. These top contenders offer a smooth, long-lasting glide for an enhanced intimate experience.

The Lubido Water Based Lube leaves no sticky residue, giving you a sleek slide without the mess. The Lubido Anal Paraben-Free Lubricant is the organic choice for adventures in uncharted territories, offering a healthier, preservative-free option. Dive into the world of Lubido’s finest, and let the lubricant showdown begin!

Twin Pack Lubido Lube No Need TO Go Dry!

Weight 0.74 kg
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